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The following are just a few features that describe how you can use The Wedding Ensemble site to mark this special time in your life and make the planning process a lot easier and lots of fun. For a hands-on experience, take a look the Demo site.

Gift Registry
The recently enhanced Gift Registry feature allows you to list all your registries in one convenient location and allows your friends to go directly to your registry. All you need to do is cut & paste the web address of your registry and you're done!

Guest Addresses
Collect the current addresses of your guests and friends online. All you need to do is send them an e-mail, and they do the rest for you.

Online RSVPs
You need those RSVPs as soon as you can get them. It makes the planning so much easier and helps it go smoother. We think that you'll get much quicker responses by letting your guests make an immediate response online. And they can still send back the response cards by mail.

Hotel Information
If you have guests coming in from out of town this helps you provide some valuable information for them. This feature allows you to enter information on nearby hotels and what their price range is.

Guest Book
Always fun ... it allows your friends and family get in on the celebration and share their thoughts and wishes for you with others.

Photo Album
Share your pictures ... "The Dinner before Proposing", "Our Ski Trip", "The Morning Before the Wedding", "Just Married In Hawaii" ... just some thoughts on the possibilities of what the different albums you can have. You decide.

News Briefs
Show important "News Items" on your Home Page and link them (or not) to a page that provides more detailed information. (e.g. Wedding Date and Location, Gift Registries, Tuxedo Information etc.)

Add Your Own Pages
You can add your own pages with whatever information you would like. Tell your story ... perhaps "His Version" and "Her Version" ... it's just a really cool feature that lets you celebrate with your friends in a way that only both of you could.
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